ECB promises to keep the level of stimulation at the current level of the economy


On the last trading session, the ECB announced the introduction of drastic measures to stimulate economic growth by reduced interest rate to zero and expanded the program of quantitative easing to 20 billion per month.

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Reserve Bank of New Zealand lowered rate


At the meeting on Wednesday, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand cut the level of the rate of reserve funds on 0.25%.

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Low oil prices may change plans in Saudi Arabia in terms of economic reforms


Despite the fact that the budget of Saudi Arabia for 2016 was calculated based on the level of oil prices 29 USD, decreasing of quotations below 40 USD per barrel has become a cause of manifestation of the problems in the labor market.

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Chinese exports fell more than expected


The volume of China's foreign trade fell more than economists expected

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Employment growth in the United States stopped the growth of the Asian indices


Asian markets have experienced the pressure after the release about data of the US labor market.

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